Dutchman add-on air seal housing custom-built to fit any stuffing box.

Allows you to add the advantage of changing packing without dry docking to any stuffing box. The Dutchman can be custom-built to fit any size split-design or solid unit. The Air Seal allows you to change packing and maintain your stuffing box at sea, greatly reducing maintenance time and cost.
The Air Seal makes it easy to seal out seawater with a minimum of 15 psi. (NOT TO EXCEED 40 psi.) Housings can be ordered with female recess or male pilot on either side to fit forward stern tube, vessel’s bulkhead, or mating with stuffing box.

Dutchman Air Seal Custom-built for solid and split-design units.

Available in highest quality bonze as standard, or aluminum to fit your application
Air Seal ring in original concave configuration Air Seal ring inflates, forming water-tight seal during re-packing
1786   Dutchman Add-On Air Seal Housing
The Dutchman housing can be custom-built and added to any solid or split design stuffing box. Allows you to change packing or maintain a stuffing box at sea
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.Complete Duramax system for optimum journal life and performance.
  • Johnson Duramax Heavy-Duty Stuffing Box
  • Johnson Cutless Bearings
  • Ultra-X High-Compression Packing
Ultra-x and Stuffing Box
About Johnson Stuffing Boxes

.Use Duramax Ultra-X high performance packing with Johnson Stuffing Box.
  • Engineered specifically for marine propulsion
  • Lasts 5X longer than other packing
  • 300% lower friction than flax
  • Superior thermal conductivity
  • Virtually eliminates shaft scoring
  • Transfers friction heat away from shaft
About Ultra-X Packing